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28.09 2016

Health insurance premiums will increase for 2017

Health insurance premiums increase

The numbers are here, published by the FOPH. In 2017, there will be a 4.5% average increase on health insurance premiums. How will be the different cantons be affected? How to limit the rise of your premium? Explanation.

Premium increase by cantons

The real rise of the premium will depend on your situation (age, place of residence) and your health insurance (franchise, insurance model). Those following numbers has been published by the FOPH for an adult with a 300 Chf franchise, accident insurance included.

6% and more increase
Jura +7.3%
Glaris +7.1%
Valais +6.4%
Appenzell (AI) +6.4%
5% to 6% increase
Geneva +5.7%
Ticino +5.7%
Neuchâtel +5.6%
Fribourg +5.1%
Other cantons Basel (BL)
4% to 5% increase
Vaud +4.9%
Other cantons Basel(BS), Nidwald, Obwald, St-Gall, Uri, Appenzell (AR), Schwytz
Less than 4% increase
Argovie +3.6%
Bern +3.5%
Other cantons Luzern, Schaffhouse, Turgovie, Zoug, Zürich

The health insurance companies have until 31.10.2016 to communicate the new 2017 premium to their customers.

Higher increase for younger people

If the average increase is 4.5%, this number will be higher for younger people. Indeed, the rising will be of 6.6% for children, and 5.4% for young adults (19 – 25 years old).

How to limit the increase of your premium?

Each year, health insurance premiums rise. Since 20 years, the total rising represents a 159% total increase! Yet, many people do not take time to compare offers and, thus, pay unnecessarily higher premiums. However, it is easy to use an online premium calculator or ask an insurance agency for a free comparison. Indeed, most people could find a better offer!

How to change its current health insurer?

Every insured people in Switzerland has the right to change its basic health insurance. The change must be made up to the 30.11 (limit to notice the cancellation of the contract). Moreover, it is also possible to cancel its contract event if the premium doesn’t rise.

A less familiar solution is also to choose one company for the basic health insurance, and another one for supplementary insurances. Thus, it is possible to select, for each king of insurance, the best offer with the best company.

  1. Bonjour,

    Malheureusement, les complémentaires peuvent être résiliées jusqu’à fin septembre pour l’année suivante, c’est donc un peu tard pour vous. Attention cependant, si votre assureur augmente le prix des complémentaires, le délai de résiliation change et vous auriez alors jusqu’à fin décembre pour résilier!

    A vérifier donc s’il y a augmentation ou non de vos primes d’assurances complémentaires…

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