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07.02 2017

Full casco – partial casco: how to choose a car insurance?

Full or partial casco insurance

Vehicle owners must subscribe to liability insurance, which covers damage caused to third parties. The casco insurance offers, on the contrary, is protecting owners against damage caused to their own vehicle. The latter takes two forms, namely the “full casco” or “partial casco”. Our explanation.

A protection for your own vehicle

The casco insurance is here to cover damage caused to your own vehicle. This kind of product is available for any motor vehicle: car, moto, van, … The insured amount corresponds to the value of the vehicle with “usual” options. For more specific options (tinted glass for example), the insurer will generally charge a higher premium. The coverage is available in two different products: the full casco, and partial casco.

Partial casco coverage

This insurance is the most cost effective solution, but offers only an incomplete protection. The partial cover car insurance guarantees the cost of vehicle damage in case of:

  • Natural events: fire, lightning, hail, snow, and damage caused by animals.
  • Malicious acts: roberry, glass break, …
  • Other damage: explosion, short-circuit, falling aircraft (or parts of aircraft), …

In a simplified way, this produts insures the vehicle for any damage not resulting a collision.

Collision casco, full casco

As its name suggets, the collision casco covers damage resulting from a collision, and not taken care of by a liability insurance. This kind of product is subject to a franchise (generally a minimum of 500 or 1,000 Chf). It is not possible to choose only a collision casco: this insurance must be combined with a partial casco. As a result, a full casco is the combination of a partial and a collision casco insurance. This solution is of course more efficient in terms of benefits, but the monthly premium is substantially higher.

If a vehicle is acquired with a leasing, a full casco is generally imposed.

Make your choice wisely

Choosing the best solution will mainly depends on many factors: your situation, the kind and age of the vehicle, … Working with an insurance agent is a great way to get a tailored made proposition and compare offers to get the best one. In case of need, our PrestaFlex advisors will be glad to inform you about vehicle insurance solutions. Feel free to contact us for a free counseling.

Article written by PrestaFlex team

  1. Bonjour,

    Petite question: les dégâts aux phares de la voitures sont-ils couverts par la casco partielle? Complète? Ou encore une autre assurance?

  2. Bonjour,

    Tout dépendra de l’assureur.

    La plupart du temps, les phares ne sont couverts (en partielle comme en complète) que contre une le versement d’une prime additionnelle.

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