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11.01 2016

About us


Since 2013 PrestaFlex-Services offer its services to various customers in Switzerland. With our blog, we want to develop the problem of insurance in Switzerland.

PrestaFlex-Services: the company

Founded in 2013, the head office of the PrestaFlex-services company is in Fribourg. Our mission is to propose a personalized advice in insurances, pension and finance. We want to give our customers an expert advice trough a comprehensive analysis of their needs. By comparing offers from different companies to reel needs of our customers, we offer advantageous solutions!

Our blog

Our blog, active since early 2016, aims to provide informative articles related to prominent topics in the themes of the insurance, pension and finance. Our mission, through this blog, is to provide quality articles written by professionnals to:

  • Awake our readers to the problem of insurance in Switzerland.
  • Propose a simple and precise content on specific themes related to insurance.
  • Draw the attention of the general public on the risks sometimes underestimated.
  • Follow the news through articles dedidacted to innovation or changed laws.

Our articles

The articles on our blog are written with a profesionnal team working in insurance or finance. Furthermore, the wirting of our text is performed onyl internally. In this way, we ensure to :

  • Offer accurate and relevant content.
  • Offer original texts on topics that seem relevant.
  • Respond to comments accurately.


We decided to open our comments to visitors to clarify certain points. All the community will benefit from the answers of our specialits. However, comments are always moderate and must be approved by our staff before publication.

Guest Blogging

We occasionally offer articles written by an external team. These articles will clearly identified as article posted in “guest blogging”. Our team makes sure, before publishing any item, the relevance and the accuracy of the content offered.

Other media

Our company is also present on various social media (Facebook, Google+) and on our main website.