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11.01 2016

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Would you like to publish an article on our blog? We are pleased to offer our visitors quality article. Thus, we accept guest blogging only under certain conditions.

Accepted article types

Aimed specifically to insurances and finance, we only accept subjects linked to our focus. If you are looking to publish an article on our blog, you have so stay close to those subjects:

  • Insurances: all insurance categories. Our blog being dedicated to Swiss people, we accept only articles linked to insurances in Switzerland.
  • Finance: articles linked to finance. Those can be related to loans, debt consolidation, leasing, mortgage, bank funds, or any other bank product.
  • Pension: articles and news regarding the retirement pension system in Switzerland: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pillar system.
  • Other: exceptionally, we accept articles linked to other subjects. Please contact us to know more.

Conditions of publication

Any publication of a guest blogging article on our blog needs to go through a written request. In order to do so, you can write us at, indicating:

  • A brief description of yourself or the company you represents, with full contact information if you are a company.
  • Why you are considering using our blog for guest blogging: to advertise, to present a product or a service, to share news, …
  • A summary of your article: including the title, the proposed theme, the topic’s approach, …
  • The arrangements for publication: length of the text, whether you want links or not (and how many if yes), …

Articles exchange

You manage a blog which is related to the same topics as ours? We can also offer you articles exchange. We will publish an article on your own blog, and let you publish an article of your own on our blog. Doing so offers:

  • To bring richness and diversity on our blogs.
  • To optimize your search engine positioning on both blogs by creating a reciprocal link.
  • To propose a text to different readers.

Images and illustrations

For legal reasons, we only use our very own images to illustrate our texts. For that reason, we do not accept that guest bloggers use their own images for articles published in our blog. Our team, however, will be glad to propose an appropriate image for your article.